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ID  - 28926352010
TI  - Learning processes and economic returns in European Cohesion policy
AU  - Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés
AU  - Novak, Katja
KW  - Cohesion KW  - regional development KW  - economic growth KW  - GDP per capita KW  - regions KW  - European Union. KW  - Cohesión KW  - desarrollo regional KW  - crecimiento económico KW  - PIB per cápita KW  - regiones KW  - Unión Europea.
SP  - 7
EP  - 26
T2  - Investigaciones Regionales - Journal of Regional Research
IS  - 25
LA - Inglés
PY  - 2013
Y1  - 2013
Y2  - 2018/3/21
SN  - 1695-7253
UR  -
AB  - This paper evaluates whether the learning mechanisms of the European Cohesion policy have contributed to improve the economic impact of Structural Fund expenditure over time. It analyses whether the evolution of the policy in response to greater internal monitoring and external scrutiny has resulted in a more efficient and better targeted Cohesion policy. This is tested using an econometric model...
DB  - Redalyc
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