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ID  - 33712038002
TI  - Differences and similarities in posttraumatic stress between economic migrants and forced migrants: Acculturation and mental health within a Turkish and a Kurdish sample
AU  - Knipscheer, Jeroen W.
AU  - Drogendijk, Annelieke N.
AU  - Gülsen, Cheko H.
AU  - Kleber, Rolf J.
KW  - Posttraumatic stress KW  - mental healt KW  - acculturation KW  - turkish and Kurdish migrants KW  - survey descriptive study. KW  - Estrés postraumáticos KW  - salud mental KW  - aculturación KW  - migrantes turcos y kurdos KW  - estudio descriptivo mediante encuesta.
SP  - 373
EP  - 391
T2  - International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology
VL  - 9
IS  - 3
LA - Inglés
PY  - 2009
Y1  - 2009
Y2  - 2017/12/11
SN  - 1697-2600
UR  -
AB  - This paper describes an empirical study that aimed to expand the limited literature about the association of acculturation with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among immigrant ethnic minorities. The second contribution of the study is its understanding that migrants from the same country are not one separate group and for interventions to succeed, better understanding of the situation in each sub-group...
DB  - Redalyc
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