Enolmis delnoydella Groenen & Schreurs, sp. n., a new species from Spain (Lepidoptera: Scythrididae)
Enolmis delnoydella Groenen & Schreurs, sp. n., una nueva especie para España (Lepidoptera: Scythrididae)
SHILAP Revista de Lepidopterología, vol.. 44, no. 173, 2016
Sociedad Hispano-Luso-Americana de Lepidopterología

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Received: 23 September 2015

Accepted: 30 September 2015

Published: 30 March 2016

Abstract: In May 2014 five specimens of an unknown Scythrididae were captured at light at Sopalmo, Almeria, Spain. The new species belongs to genus Enolmis Duponchel, 1845 and is here described and discussed. The holotype and the female paratype are deposited in the collection of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherlands. The males paratypes are in the collections of the authors.

Keywords: Lepidoptera, Scythrididae, new species, Spain.

Resumen: En mayo de 2014 cinco especímenes de un desconocido Scythrididae fueron capturados a la luz en Sopalmo, Almería, España. La nueva especie pertenece al género Enolmis Duponchel, 1845 y aquí se describe y discute. El holotipo y el paratipo hembra están depositados en la colección del Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, Holanda. Los paratipos machos están depositados en la colección de los autores.

Palabras clave: Lepidoptera, Scythrididae, nueva especie, España.


In May 2014 Jos Delnoye captured, during his holidays, five Scythrididae specimens externally close to Enolmis acanthella (Godart, 1824) at light. The specimens were donated to the collection of the first author. For this the authors are very grateful. After examining the genitalia and discussing the results with the European specialists in this group, Bengt Bengtsson, Dr. Pietro Passerin d’Entrèves and Dr. Angela Roggero, it was concluded that these specimens belongs to an unknown species. Here E. delnoydella Groenen & Schreurs, sp. n., is described.

Enolmis delnoydella Groenen & Schreurs, sp. n.

Material: Holotype: 1 ♂, Spain, Almeria, Sopalmo, 15-29-V-2014, gen slide FG2911 deposited in the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherland; Paratypes: 1 ♀, gen. slide AS1406 deposited in the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherland; 3 ♂♂, gen. slides AS1402; FG1912, FG2913; all leg. J. Delnoye, deposited in the collection of the authors.

Description: Wingspan 12-13 mm (fig. 1 ♂, 2 ♀♀). Head, thorax and tegulae brown fuscous, antenna grey, ringed black. Forewing white coloured, markings dark grey, basal fascia hardly reaching dorsum, subbasal fascia angled, interrupted at middle, median fascia broad, incised at middle, single black dot between median and terminal fascia, terminal fascia along termen, sinuate. Fringe fuscous, apically mixed white and at tornus darkgrey. Hindwing grey, fringe fuscous. Abdomen grey, anal tuft beige.

Male genitalia (fig. 3) with the tegumen rounded distally. Uncus short and laterally hairy, distal arm of gnathos a small hook. Phallus slender, long, sinuate and tapered. Left valva curved, base subparallel and with bunch hair-like scales, in middle constricted, corona bulbous and all over haired and at tip with a brush of longer hair scales. Right valva curved, little longer than left valva, basal 1/3 subparallel and with bunch of hair-like scales, distal 2/3 subparallel, hairy, top suboval, with dorsal row of hairs. Sternum 8 (fig. 4) subtriangular, with a posterior extension at tip and having laterally an indistinct broad lobe, and subapically a semi-circular lobe.

Female genitalia (fig. 5) with short henia, almost completely hidden by S7, except for naked hoodshaped, apical sclerotization. S7 anteriorly with two lobes, posteriorly sinuate with to very slender and omited pointed projections at middle. Sterigma a hexagonal sclerotization.

Biology: Unknown.

Diagnosis: Externally E. delnoydella Groenen & Schreurs, sp. n. is very similar to Episcythris triangulella (Ragonot, 1875) and several species of the genus Enolmis. The new species can only be distinguished by dissecting the genitalia. It is most closely related to Enolmis nevadensis Passerin d’Entrèves, 1997 and E sierraenevadae Passerin d’Entrèves, 1997. The shape of the valvae and S8 and the structure of the hair-scales on the corona of the valva are characteristic for the male of the new species. In the female genitalia the shape of the henia and S7 are the most important characteristics. The male genitalia of E. delnoydella Groenen & Schreurs, sp. n. are unusually stable compared to other Enolmis-species (Bengtsson, pers. comm.).

Distribution: Almeria, Spain.

Etymology: The species is named after the collector of the species Mr. Jos Delnoye.

Figs. 1-5.–
Enolmis delnoydella Groenen & Schreurs, sp. n., 1. Male; 2. Female; 3. Male genitalia, slide FG2911, 4. Male genitalia S8, slide FG2911, 5. Female genitalia, slide AS1406.


We wish to thanks Mr. Jos Delnoye for giving us the opportunity to study the material collected by him. We also wish to thank Mr. Bengt Bengtsson, Dr. Pietro Passerin d’Entrèves and Dr. Angela Roggero for their help with examining the new species and their comments on the manuscript.


BENGTSSON, B. Å, 1997.– Scythrididae.– In P. HUEMER, O. KARSHOLT & L. LYNEBORG (eds.). Microlepidoptera of Europe, 2: 301 pp. Apollo Books, Stenstrup.

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