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El autoconcepto en hombres y mujeres mexicanos
José L. Valdez Medina, Norma Ivonne González Arratia López Fuentes;
Ciencia Ergo Sum 1999 6(3)
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The aim of the present research is to know the characteristics of the self-concept, which prevail in Mexican men and women of different ages. It was used the self-concept questionnaire (Valdez-Medina, 1994), with validity for Mexican samples, and the study was carried out with a sample of 600 subjects distributed in six groups, according to their ages and sex. The result shows that Mexican women, except those with a college level, still see themselves as sentimental, affectionate, warm, romantic, and not as smart as men. These characteristics, besides clearly showing the sensibility, tenderness, love and peace Mexican women have, denote some socially worthwhile features in Mexican culture. Mexican women are seen as expressive, while, on the other hand, men are seen as instrumental.

Palabras clave: Self-concept, Mexican women, Mexican culture, Mexico, Social features.
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