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La población adulta mayor en el área metropolitana de Toluca, 1990-2000

This work explores the residential pattern of population of over 65 years of age in the metropolitan area of Toluca (México). Indexes of spatial segregation, isolation and interaction are calculated for 1990 and 2000. Critical intra-metropolitan zones of high concentration of elderly population are identified and regularities of the spatial distribution pattern of senior population are discovered (which follow centre-periphery logic, as a liner model clearly shows). These two aspects are compared with those of the population under 65 years old in order to analyze the differences and similarities of these two population groups, in terms of their residential location patterns. The results of the indexes calculated in this work show growing levels of spatial segregation of elderly, particularly in the historic centre of the metropolitan area, which is requiring intelligent institutional planning actions. On the other side, the levels of isolation and interaction are not worrisome at the moment.
Keywords: senior population, spatial distribution, residential patterns, spatial segregation, Toluca, Mexico.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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