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Avanços e contradições da participação popular na definição de políticas públicas de lazer em Porto Alegre

The study situates the theme of citizenship participation on the claiming for leisure public policies in Porto Alegre city, taking as base the year of 2000. The study central question is: How does the popular participation on the leisure public policies formulation in Porto Alegre city is done? Which are the possibilities and limits of this participation? Data analyzed were collected throughout questionnaires, documents, interviews, and observations. It is possible to say that in relation to the population decision power on the claiming and definition of leisure public policies, advances are restricted to the demands arouse within this area. There were a raise of systematic actions by the Secretaria Municipal de Esporte, Recreação e Lazer -SME (General Municipal Office of Sports, Leisure and Recreation) and advanced into a priorities inversion, creating physical spaces in city regions that did not have anything before.
Keywords: Public policies, leisure, and citizenship participation.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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