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Pluriactividad en el campo argentino: el caso de los productores del sur santafecino

The combination of agrarian and non-agrarian activities and occupations of agricultural producers and their families, inside and outside productive units — or “pluri-activity”—, is a widely spread phenomenon in family agriculture in Argentina. This study proposes two points of reflection to analyze this phenomenon: the first one is the implications this behavior has in terms of the sustainability of agrarian wok as an independent activity; the second point is the relationship between “pluri-activity” and more extensive processes at the agrarian structure level, that is to say, the displacement, crisis or expansion of productive units. Empirical reference is provided by a research work in progress about family exploitation in the south of the Santa Fe province, in the Argentinean pampas.
Keywords: agricultural producers, pluri-activity, Argentina, sustainability, agrarian structure.