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Relações de interdependência assumidas pelas mulheres mastectomizadas

The study analyses the repercussions of mastectomy on women´s lives and how it interferes in the relation of interdependence that they establish with the others. Developed annexed ten women that participate in the Group of Self-help close to Teaching, Researches and Attendance to the Mastectomized Women (GEPAM) through semi-structured interview. The speeches were organized in themes and analysed with basis in Roy¿s interdependence mode. The women give more emphasis to the marriage and intimate relationship, for they be the marriage and relatives the people considered like Another Significant and/or System Support. We identify women's satisfaction and not satisfaction about these relationship, what redound in adaptive answers and the ineffective ones. We ended that the repercussions of the mastectomy in the relation of interdependence, they varied of answers adaptive and the ineffective ones, being indispensable to the promotion of one support by nurse, family and intimate for one recovery and effective rehabilitation.