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DESARROLLO DE LA CREATIVIDAD Y DE LA INNOVACIÓN EN LA FORMACIÓN EN PROYECTOS EMPRESARIALES AGROPECUARIOS. Caso: Programa Académico en Administración de Empresas Agropecuarias de la Universidad De La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia

There are many global efforts to promote the enterprise and entrepreneurial approaches and within them it is important to consider the role of educational institutions. The definition and implementation of pedagogical models related to science and technology, research, creativity and innovation, are goals that must accompany the motivation and the development of entrepreneurial skills. It is believed that, in addition to the personal strengths the entrepreneurs should have, one of the factors linked to the strengthening of its options is the design and development of entrepreneurial projects. Research programs and projects conducted at the Academic Program of Agrarian Enterprises Management from De La Salle University; confirm that the inclusion of pedagogical techniques of creativity and innovation contributes to a better formulation of entrepreneurial projects. It follows that it is not enough to teach basic techniques for creativity and innovation because it is necessary to enhance the progress of the projects. The research concludes that the educational sectors should continue working on the promotion and implementation of creativity and innovation, setting up permanent structures to support business initiatives.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial potential, pedagogical models, entrepreneurial projects, creativity and innovation.