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O papel da consciência morfossintática na aquisição e no aperfeiçoamento da leitura e da escrita

In the last decades, several studies verified that metalinguistic skills have an essential role in written language acquisition and have proven to be linked to a lesser or greater success in this acquisition. However, while the relation between metaphonology and reading and writing learning is well documented, studies on the relationships between morphosyntactic consciousness and writing learning are relatively scarce. It is now a consensus that since from the alphabetic stage of writing learning the apprentice needs to solve several different problems in reading (decoding and comprehension) and in writing (orthography) which increase the importance of morphosyntactic consciousness, given that even in the alphabetic writing systems there is not a biunivocal correspondence between letters and sounds. In this paper we present a series of studies conducted in several languages with emphasis in the studies conducted in Brazilian Portuguese that aimed to verify the relation between mophosyntactic consciousness and written language acquisition and improvement.