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Fractura de Pelvis. Una fractura compleja

We present a case of a young patient with a fractured pelvis due to a traffic accident. The patient had a positive FAST scan and transient response to fluid therapy. Due the biomechanics of the accident we suspected the existence of lesions that could not be observed with basic X-ray procedures. A 3-D image study revealed the lesions that were not visible by X-ray but suspected due to the nature of the trauma. This case enables us to review the A-B-C-D-E approach to the assessment of a polytraumatised patient and to emphasis the importance that a fractured pelvis could have for these patients as it is a cause of shock due to massive internal haemorrhage. Patients with a suspected fracture of the pelvis should be moved in block, maintaining the head-neck-trunk in line and once stabilised the pelvis should then be immobilised using a pelvic binder or other specific devices.
Keywords: ,Fractura,Pelvis,Fracture,Pelvis