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Long term storage and the compensatory growth of white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in aquaculture ponds
Geraldo Fóes, Dariano Krummenauer, Gabriele Lara, Luis Poersch, Wilson Wasielesky Jr.;
Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research 2016 44(3)
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Effects of shrimp confinement in a situation of high density stocking in a long term nursery on their growth performance in grow out ponds. Were analized t wo nurseries with a density of 2000 shrimp m - 2 were stocked at two different times. The fir st nursery (LTN) lasted 144 days, and the SGR of the animals was 3.0% day - 1 . The second nursery (STN) lasted 18 days and the specific growth rate (SGR) was 19.9% day - 1 . On the same day, shrimps were transferred to six lined ponds at a density of 20 shrimp m - ² where they remained for 101 days. In the first biometry, the SGR in the LTN treatment, increased to 6.7% day - 1 and in the STN it decreased to 5.0% day - 1 . At the end, shrimps of the LTN and STN treatments reached weights of 8.46 and 6.72 g and had produ ctivities of 1287 and 1015 kg ha - 1 , respectively. Shrimps reared in nurseries for long periods showed growth and survival rates similar to those obtained using conventional management practices in grow out structures.

Palabras clave: Litopenaeus vannamei, culture density, grow - out, long confinement, subtropical shrimp culture.
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