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360° Competency assessment model (teaching-learning)
Yasmín Ivette Jiménez Galán, Marko Alfonso González Ramírez, Josefina Jaime Hernández;
Innovación Educativa 2010 10(53)
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In the beginning of the twenty-first century a bleak outlook for the evaluation of teaching- learning is described because only the student, the results, knowledge and observable behaviors are evaluated, what is "learned" is measured quantitatively by establishing stereotypes and using inadequate tools (Santos, 1998). This has two obvious consequences: the majority of teachers believe that the most important function of the assessment is passing it, and what's worse, it is considered a separate activity in the teaching process. This article begins with a brief exploration of traditional conceptions of the evaluation of the teachinglearning process, to get to propose an evaluation model that is consistent with competencybased education of the current educational approach.

Palabras clave: 360° performance assessment, competencybased education, educational research, situated learning, quality, higher education institutions.
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