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In the following work of research, we shall present the results of a study on forms of digital photographic socialization as carried out by the so-called "digital natives" in order to explore their competence in managing digital photographic output and cultural practices. This shall be done under the following categories of analysis, snapshot, organization, socialization, recepcion, privacy and copyrights in digital photography. The study explores the forms of digital photography production, technical problems of photographic management and the final uses that digital photographers give to their photos in terms of web tools 2.0, Mobile telephones and social Networks. Digital photography technology, compact cameras, mobile phones with cameras, specialized websites in photography and the Internet generate new forms of production and emerging styles of digital photographic socialization. The study is carried out using a defined sample of university students, those "digital natives" who create and use digital photography.

Palabras clave: Digital photography, socialization, digital photographic competency, cultural practices, digital natives.
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