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La Villa de San Cristóbal en la Provincia de Mérida durante el dominio hispánico

The Villa of San Cristóbal in the Province of Mérida during the Spanish rule The colonial history of the Villa of San Cristóbal is closely linked to the history of the city of Mérida even beyond colonial times because San Cristóbal was part of the jurisdiction of Mérida until 14 March, 1856, when it became part of the province of Táchira. This link is a fact that stands out in this article, together with the changes in its socioeconomic structure, as well as the political and administrative evolution of both provinces, whose vicissitudes were equally related to the creation of such institutions as the Intendency of the Army and the Royal Treasury, the Royal Audience and the Royal Consulate and the Archbishopric of Caracas
Keywords: History. Region. Province. San Cristóbal. Táchira. Mérida. Venezuela.