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Estudo anatômico e morfométrico do espaço subacromial do ombro

The subacromion region includes anatomical structures and can have predisposition to compressions, important for the functionality of the shoulder. Additionally, those anatomical structures before/after compression can suffer both degenerative alterations and calcifications. As alternative to the clinical handling can be utilized arthroscopies procedures to evaluate advanced lesions and for that it is necessary the knowledge of the morphology of this area. Thus, the objective of the present manuscript was to analyze the morphometry of the subacromion region and for this were used cadaveric samples for the anatomical measures. In the results were described medium metric values obtained, being able to conclude that these data are important for the clinical analysis, radiologic and during the arthroscopies procedures of subacromion region in patients with Impact's Syndrome.
Keywords: Shoulder, anatomy, acromion.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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