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Regressão múltipla stepwise e hierárquica em Psicologia Organizacional: aplicações, problemas e soluções

This article discusses applications of stepwise and hierarchical multiple regression analyses to research in organizational psychology. Strategies for identifying type I and II errors, and solutions to potential problems that may arise from such errors are proposed. In addition, phenomena such as suppression, complementarity, and redundancy are reviewed. The article presents examples of research where these phenomena occurred, and the manner in which they were explained by researchers. Some applications of multiple regression analyses to studies involving between-variable interactions are presented, along with tests used to analyze the presence of linearity among variables. Finally, some suggestions are provided for dealing with limitations implicit in multiple regression analyses (stepwise and hierarchical).
Keywords: Stepwise and hierarchical multiple regressions, Suppression, Complementarity, Redundancy, Organizational Psychology.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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