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Morelos: ¿un mito desmitificado? Una lectura del Martirio de Morelos desde la posmodernidad

In Martyrdom of Morelos (1981), Vicente Leñero presents us, from an artistic perspective, part of the life and cause of the so called Servant of the Nation, Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon. In this, the author intersperses historical aspects with fictitious details to achieve an aesthetical effect on potential readers. With great insight, the author recreates a particular historical moment, the war of Independence in 1810. The play has a narrative presentation channel, which is involved in the ironic mode with which, through its idiolect, discloses those facts from a humorous perspec- tive, which shifts between farce, satire and comedy, without neglecting the tragic sense of the event itself, that is to say, Leñero creates his own genological conception. History is recreated in fiction, based on documents and affidavits, by which Leñero raises his conception of former time, which brings to the present by the "reader" figure created to serve as a communicating vessel between past and present. Yet the intention of this communication, as the name implies: "Morelos: a Myth Debunked? A Reading of the Martyrdom of Morelos from Postmodernity", is to determine how Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon was or is still a myth.
Keywords: Martyrdom, Genology, Mythification, Transtextuality, Demystification