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El amor a la lectura, única inspiración de las asociaciones mexicanas que la fomentan: tres conversaciones sobre un solo ideal

We have three institutions in Mexico that have worked, since the early 20th century, to encourage reading: their main driving force resides in their sublime love for it. These organizations are: the Asociación Mexicana de Promotores de Lectura, a.c. (Mexican Association of Reading Promoters), the Asociación Mexicana para el Fomento del Libro Infantil y Juvenil, a.c. (ibby México) (Mexican Association to promote Books for Children and Young People) and Consejo Puebla de Lectura, a.c. (Puebla Council for Reading). There have been innumerable achievements, but we must remember that ibby Mexico is the founder of what we now know as the International Children's and Teenagers¿Book Fair; besides, one of their founders, has worked very hard in the publication of children's books. Information like this should be disseminated in order to know both the history and the associations that work in favor of reading with no lucrative end in mind. Consequently, this work presents the results of interviews held with the representatives of those organizations, dealing mainly with diverse aspects like their backgrounds, objectives and activities.