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Centro de atenção psicossocial: convergência entre saúde mental e coletiva

This paper aimed to discuss the existence of converging points between mental and collective health practices from the perspective of the professionals of a Psychosocial Care Center (CAPS) in Campinas, SP. The study conducted was both descriptive and qualitative and the data obtained were analyzed according to the theoretical basis coming from phenomenology and discourse analysis. The results showed the existence of factors that hinder the structuring of the health care network, such as: lack of physical resources, inadequate physical space and lack of knowledge regarding CAPS's role as well as the development of a work based on users embracement, on the development of individualized therapeutic projects, on matrix support and team meetings, enhancing a sense of collective and dialogical work.
Palabras clave: ,saúde mental,centros de atenção psicossocial,saúde coletiva,Mental health,mental health services,public health
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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