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Organizaciones civiles de desarrollo social y crisis en la Venezuela Bolivariana

The objective of this paper is to describe the social representations that a group of civic social development organizations have constructed for themselves and to describe their role as political actors in the social arena. The scenario that has been visualized is one that, in times of modern social prosperity was referred to as a world of popular life, but in the transition to post-modernity, has been called civic society, public arena, non-lucrative private sector and popular, social, public and associative economy. This research is exploratory, based on documentation and structured interviews of legal representatives and specialists. It discusses: 1) the role of said organizations as social political actors; 2) the characterization of the historic scenario in which the activity takes place; and 3) the boom of non-governmental organizations. The conclusions are: 1) the weakness of the state in the face of strong civic social development organizations; 2) the development of power strategies that permit the incorporation of beneficiaries in programs as consumers of their services.