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Características sociodemográficas de los consumidores de heroína en Medellín-Colombia

This article is based on the research project "Heroin consumption in Medellin and its Metropolitan Area. A case study" carried out under a mixed approach to explore and measure socio-demographic variables; consumer characteristics, consumption practices and related problems. The researchers interviewed 42 heroin consumers, a substance consumption that is its earliest stages in the country, contacted through treatment centers and also using the snowball technique using a semi-structured interview which was validated by experts, piloted and processedwith Atlas ti, versión 5.5 for Windows. The study has the following findings: that most of the consumers are 18 to 23 year-old, single,childless males, middle class college students, with a family background of psychoactive consumption, and they began using at the age of 13to 15. All of them had a history of poly consumption of psychoactive substances.
Palabras clave: Consumption, heroin, consumer profile, consumption characteristics.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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