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Validación de un cuestionario sobre la competencia del juicio moral de los gerentes, en Hidalgo, México

This article presents the validation of a questionnaire on the manager's moral judgment competence, the Questionnaire of Managerial and Entrepreneurial Socio-morals Problems. This by means of the theoretical discussion about the Rest's Defining Issues Test and the Kohlberg's interview. This paper explains the alternative of the experimental questionnaire, as effective alternative of quantification of the moral judgment competence, the Lind's Moral Judgment Test, identical procedure of design of the CPSGE. Likewise, the design of the CPSGE satisfies the theoretical fundamental precedent of the taking of the role and context, in this case the manager's role and his context. In addition, the sample to which, the CPSGE was applied, was constituted by 177 managers of the Hidalgo state in Mexico. The findings of the CPSGE application were corroborated: the precedents' hierarchy, the quasi-simplex structure, the affective-cognitive parallelism and the correlation with the education. It presents these results, besides the consequences and adjacent problems of investigation.
Keywords: Moral judgment competence, managers, MJT, CPSGE, Mexico.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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