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TIC en el trabajo del aula. Impacto en la planeación didáctica

In the current information era it is imminent to include information and communication technology (ict) in the classroom. This process makes it necessary to review its educational use and the didactic sense with which it is implemented. It must be clear that ict provides us with access to information; however, that it does not generate knowledge. This large amount of information implies the deve- lopment of cognitive processes, which allow the student to identify, to classify and to prioritize the academic value of references, as well as to obtain a personal construction of the answer. This article makes a proposal to construct didactics sequences linking didactics principles to the use of ict.
Palabras clave: Information, communication technology, didactics communication, didactics, profes- sors, students.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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