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Una Trimorbilidad Forense Emergente: El Trastorno de Personalidad, el Trastorno del Control de los Impulsos y el Abuso de Sustancias Tóxicas

Many of the subjects who have a mental disorder associated with the consumption of toxic substances have a caracteropaty pathological in their basic personality traits that determine the co-morbidity, and even the trimorbidity regarding other mental diseases. The legal expertise-legal and forensic this kind of targeted population will be able to determine the type of psychopathology associated with substance use (or different types of mental dysfunction exist to casuistic idiografic), and which have as their legal significance the imputability, inimputability or the judgement of attenuating analog. In the practice of forensic expert assessment, it is usual to see how many of those evaluated have a trimorbilidad about the relationship of the field of personality disorders and disorders of impulsivity, and even the existence of Deficiency Disorders Attention Hyperactivity.
Palabras clave: Personality, impulse control disorder, drug abuse, disording impulsivity.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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