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Lesões de pele em bovinos com doença granulomatosa sistêmica associada ao pastoreio de ervilhaca (Vicia spp.)

Gross and histopathological lesions in the skin of respectively 10 and 8 cows affected with systemic granulomatous disease associated with pasturing vetch (Vicia spp.) are described. In all cases, the cutaneous lesions were characterized by multiple coalescent areas of alopecia, lichenification and desquamation. More frequently affected sites were the skin covering the head and neck (10/10), trunk (4/10), escutcheon (3/10) and mammary gland (2/10). In all 8 histologically examined cases the lesions were characterized by superficial perivascular granulomatous dermatitis of varying intensity. Other histological findings included deep perivascular dermatitis (1/8), perifoliculitis (2/8), mural foliculitis (3/8), compact orthokeratotic hyperkeratosis (6/ 8), erosions (1/8), ulcers (2/8), Munro’s microabscess (8/8), serocellular crusts (1/8), spongiosis (4/8), hydropic degeneration (5/8), acantholysis (1/8), Civatte bodies (2/8), lymphoplasmacytic exocytosis (6/8), superficial edema (6/8), pigmentary incontinence (2/8), basophilia (6/8) and collagen dystrophic mineralization (2/8), swollen nucleus of endothelial cells (8/8) and sweat gland ectasy (8/8).
Keywords: diseases of cattle, vetch poisoning, Vicia spp. poisoning, granulomatous dermatitis, dermatology, pathology.