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This paper is a review article that has as objective to offer an overview of the use and application of nanocomposites in architecture and construction industries on the basis of a review of scientific literature from the architect’s standpoint. The applications divide and classify mainly according to the use of nanomaterials to improve their properties and functioning from a number of categories of construction materials such as: improvement of strengths of Portland-based concrete adding nanomaterials: improvement of reinforcing steel’s corrosion and deterioration resistance adding nanomaterials; use of nanocomposites to repel dampness and dust, fingerprints and bacteria in construction components; thermal insulation and UV protection; in newgeneration photovoltaic cells and panels; high-quality, long-lasting waterproofing materials and sealants; in electronic parts and components of telecommunication and illumination; in the production of water filters, purifiers and treatment equipment. It is concluded that improvement to such materials by means of nanocomposites will depend on a number of situations such as: design, amounts, characterization and assessment of construction materials in relation to components and construction systems; weather and degradation conditions that affect materials; conditions of use and maintenance that affect the materials, procedures and quality in the production and construction of the components and materials.

Palabras clave: Nanocomposites, Nanodesign, Nanotechnology.
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