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In experimental designs several biological systeins have shown positive response to specific chemical and physical agents, but in the environment the problem is different because the agents appear as complex mixtures with synergistic, antagonistic or neutral effects. In the water bodies the presence of complex mixtures of substances with genotoxic effects can be detected by mean of a test system quickly and not expensive, based on the exposure to these mixtures of the root tips of Vicia faba and the scoring of chromosomal aberrations and centromeric effects induced in the meristematic anaphase cells. In the Hydrological Atoyac-Zahuapan Riiers System (Tlaxcala) superficial water and sediments were sampled in nine sites, in which three of the sediments from places named Afluente de Atenco, Confluencia Apizaquito-Atenco and Arroyo Atiixtac produced chromosomal effects in the significant levels (P < 0.001). The plant test used was effective as a monitor of genotoxicants contained in complex mixtures in the water systems.

Palabras clave: chromosomal aberrations, complex mixtures, genetic monitors, genotoxic compounds, industrial wastes, Vicia faba) water pollution, water wastes.
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