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Comparative study of elemental contents in atmospheric aerosols from three sites in Mexico City using PME
Rosario Paredes Gutiérrez, Alejandra López Suárez, Javier Miranda, Eduardo Andrade, Antonio González;
Revista Internacional de Contaminación Ambiental 1997 13(2)
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A study of the elemental concentrations found in samples of atmospheric aerosols from three sites in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area is presented. The samples were collected during the Winter and Spring of 1994 using Stacking Filter Units (SFU), devised to separate particles with sizes between 2.5 pm and 15 pm (coarse fraction) and smaller than 2.5 pm (fine fraction). Elemental analyses were performed using Particle induced X-ray Einission (PIXE), which allowed simultaneous detection of 14 elements heavier than Al. By means of analysis of variance, comparisons among the elemental contents in the three sites are giveii for both fractions, showing that, although variations are observed for some elements, in tlie fine fraction no defiiiite patteni is found witli respect to the site. On the other hand, in the coarse fraction the soil-derived elemeiits Si, K, Ca, Ti, and Fe are the inost important contributors to total mass.

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