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The distribution of cadmium in soils across Jamaica is reported. The island-wide average is 20 mg kg-´ and concentrations as high as 409 mg kg" have been observed in some of the Tema rossa soils overlying Tertiary Limestones in central Jamaica and in a smaller region in a residential district near to a disused mine. In certain areas the enrichment is up to three orders of magnitude with respect to bedrock. ´;he cadmium and zinc concenkations are highly correlated. Despite the high concentrations of cadmium found in certain localities, no cases of cadmium poisoning have been recognized in Jamaica, probably because the neutral and slightly alkaline soils and the underlying limestone help to fix the cadmium and thus maintain low concentrations in the underground and surface waters. However, changes in land use or other conditions may increase the risk.

Palabras clave: bauxite, cadmium, heavy metals, Jamaica, Terra rossa soils.
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