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Cytological effects of some carbamate insecticides. II. Induction of sister chromatid exchanges in Vicia faba by lannate-90
Rafael Valencia Quintana, Libertad Juárez Santacruz, Alfredo Delgado Rodríguez, Juana Sánchez Alarcón;
Revista Internacional de Contaminación Ambiental 1998 14(1)
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The carbamate insecticide methomyl-containing technical formulation of lannate-90 was tested for its ability to induce sister chromatid exchanges (SCE). Meristematic cells of Mcia faba root tips were used as test system. Treatments of2 h with severa1 concentrations of this insecticide were applied followed by the differential stain technique including 5-bromodeoxi uridine incorporation and the Feulgen reagent. The results showed a significant increase of SCE frequencies when compared with the control (P~0.001) and a concentration-response relationship was obsewed, thus sustaining that lannate-90 is an indirect acting genotoxic in Mcfa faba.

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