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The present research deals with the reduction of mass and volume during composting biosolids mixed with agave bagasse using measurements of nonvolatile solids (NVS) and bulk density. Temperature was measured daily and samples were taken to determine pH, dry matter, electrical conductivity, organic matter, ash, organic carbon, nitrogen and bulk density. At the end of the composting time, biosolids compost was subjected to an earthworm and phytotoxicity bioassays. Some physical properties as bulk density, total pore space, easily available water, water buffer content, difficult available water and air capacity were also analyzed in the biosolids compost. Reduction in mass averaged 57.1 %, volume reduction 77.2 % and losses of organic carbon 67.2 and nitrogen averaged 25.6 %, respectively. The compost had no adverse effects on earthworm and phytotoxicity bioassays. Physical properties of biosolids improved with the composting process

Palabras clave: agave bagasse, biosolids, biodegradation, composting
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