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A comparative study of the precipitation chemistry of three different zones in Mexico was undertaken. The first zone corresponded to a highly polluted urban area, the second, was a predominantly agricultura1 region and the third, was a coastal zone where the biggest petrochemical complex of the country is located. Results of this regional study were shown to be conditioned by local sources. The concentrations of al1 deterrnined ions vaned from site to site. The influence of the highly polluted atmosphere of Mexico City was reflected in the chemistry of rain. The highest concentrations of SOZ?, NO;, NH:, Caz+ and MgZ+ were found there. In like manner, the industrial emissions at the Salamanca sampling station contributed to higher concentrations in rain water than those found at the predominantly agricultural area. In general the concentrations of inorganics in rain water in Mexico City and Salamanca were higher than those located at the predominantly agricultural zona and under influence of maritime meteorological conditions.

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