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Chromium pollution evaluation in groundwaters of North Mexico City
Margarita E. Gutiérrez Ruiz, Mario Villalobos Peñalosa, José A. Miranda;
Revista Internacional de Contaminación Ambiental 1990 6(1)
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Groundwater p~llution by soluble chromium species was surveyed throughout a one-year, monthly analysis of 38 welis at the "Municipio de Tultitlán", north of Mexico City. The chosen weils were located in the vicinity of the industrial disposal site of the former plant "Cromatos de México, S.A.", where 75,000 tons of waste material were inadequately confined. The study showed a considerable contamination of the weils closest to the site, due to leaching of chromate salts found in the disposed wastes. The high amount of water consumption by the surrounding industries, is preventing chromiun dispersion.

Palabras clave: chromium poiiution. groundwaters México City, chromate wastes.
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