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¿Cómo la estrategia de mapas mentales y conceptuales estimulan el desarrollo de la inteligencia espacial en estudiantes universitarios?

This paper makes explicit the results of the research project entitled How does mind and concept mapping strategy stimulate visual-spatial intelligence development among university students?, which was developed in the framework of both Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the work by Novak and Buzán around concept and mind maps. Results of research evidence that using this strategy makes up a tool leveraging visualspatial intelligence, since it stimulates: the creation of images arranged so as to explain an idea; the development of visual memory to execute and recreate earlier perceptions; the improvement of artistic and aesthetic sense; a practice to control fine motor movement; a practice of visual art, since there is object, figure, color, proportion and perspective retention, among other central abilities characterising this intelligence.
Palabras clave: Visual-spatial intelligence, SI central abilities, mind and concept mapping strategy.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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