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Influence of the Binomial Crossover in the DE Variants Based on the Robot Design with Optimum Mechanical Energy
Miguel G. Villarreal-Cervantes, Daniel De-la-Cruz-Muciño, Carlos Ricaño-Rea, Jesus Said Pantoja-García;
Polibits 2015 51
Differential evolution (DE) is a powerful algorithmto find an optimal solution in real world problems. Nevertheless,the binomial crossover parameter is an important issue forthe success of the algorithm. The proper selection of thebinomial crossover parameter depends on the problem at hand.In this work, the effect of the binomial crossover in theDE/Rand/1/bin, DE/Best/1/Bin and DE/Current to rand/1/Bin isempirically studied and analyzed in the optimum design of thekinematic and the dynamic parameters of links for a parallelrobot. The optimum design minimizes mechanical energy andconsequently reduces the energy provided by the actuator. Basedon the experimental results, the range of crossover parametervalues that properly explores the search space is obtained.The importance of finding a proper crossover parameter ishighlighted. In addition, the optimal design shows a decrease inthe parallel robot mechanical energy compared with non-optimaldesign.

Palabras clave: Differential evolution, binomial crossover, optimum design, mechatronic design.
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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