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Reseña Histórica de los Planes de Formación de Docentes en Educación Preescolar de la Facultad de Educación de la Universidad de Costa Rica (1966-2007)

This article offers a tour through the history of the plans for the education of teachers at preschool level, developed by the School of Teacher Education within the Faculty of Education from its inception to present day, inspired in the principles outlined in the Universidad de Costa Rica is Organic Statute. The author emphasizes the professional training of staff that attends to children younger than six years old, as an essential factor to successfully offer quality education to this population. This article begins with thoughts on the significance education has towards human development, and also on the necessity of offering the fullest attention to human beings starting from their youngest infancy.
Keywords: Preschool education, education of teachers, study plans, history of the education of teachers.