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From the result of identification of gelechiids collected in the Korean peninsula or Mt. Changbai-shan, NE China and preserved in the Center for Insect Systematics, Korea, 25 species of the family Gelechiidae are reported for the first time from Korea and three species of them are first known from China. A new synonymy of Teleiodes Sattler, 1960 (= Dubitationis M. Omelko & N. Omelko, 1998, syn. n.), and new combinations Teleiodes murina (M. Omelko & N. Omelko, 1998), comb. n., Caulastrocecis salinatrix (Meyrick, 1926), comb. n. and Bagdadia eucalla (Li & Zheng, 1998), comb. n., are given. Besides, the specific name C. salinatrix (Meyrick, 1926), rev. stat. is resurrected from synonymy.

Palabras clave: Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae, fauna, new synonymy, first records, Korea, China.
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