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Manejo de recursos naturales en la Sierra de Sonora bajo el esquema de UMAFOR. Casos de estudio: Sierra Alta y Sierra la Madera

This paper shows the use and value of natural resources from a social, sustainable and legal perspective, under the scheme of Sustainable Forest Management Units (UMAFOR by its Spanish acronym). Two participatory workshops were carried out in March 2010, one in UMAFOR Sierra La Madera and another in UMAFOR Sierra Alta, belonging to the Sierra de Sonora. An adaptation of ¿Problems, Causes and Consequences¿ of Ramírez-García (2004) methodology was used to discuss issues such as conservation, productive activities, society, laws, research and support programs. The objective was to analyze challenges and opportunities in the Sierra de Sonora under this management scheme. The ratting of natural resource for inhabitant and producers was documented based in ecosystems type and its value for use. Economic value was the most important for productive and non productive use; however, there are opportunities to transit from traditional to sustainable activities. Local producers are interested in linking whit research centers and consultants to get support for diversification of productive activities. It is possible to have changes according to sustainable development; UMAFOR is an alternative to achieve those changes.
Keywords: Productive activities, use value, ecosystems, environmental services, social actors.