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Multivariate calibration with regression by partial least squares (PLS-1) is herein proposed as an alternative method for the spectrophotometric quantification of isoperoxisomicine A1 in peroxisomicine A1 batches. In order to minimize the optimal factors necessary to obtain the calibration matrix, different parameters were evaluated. The adequate selection of the spectral regions proved to be important on the number of factors. In order to simultaneously quantify both analytes, the spectral region between 252 and 340 nm was selected. Recoveries for isoPA1 and PA1 were 97% and 103% respectively. The developed method was applied to two batches of PA1; the amount of isoPA1 found, showed no significant differences with those found by means of 1H RMN.

Palabras clave: PLS-1, spectrophotometry, peroxisomicine, isoperoxisomicine, multivariate calibration.
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