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Soldabilidad de fundiciones grises con materiales de aporte tipo RbCuZn-A, ErCuAl-A2 y ErNiFe-CI-A.

This research studied the weldability of gray cast iron with an experimental proposal which included the design of a body test and with the selection of adequate welding procedures, this work studies the influence of the following filler metals type: RBCuZn-A, ERNiFe-CI-A and ERCuAl-A2, on a gray cast iron classified in ASTM A 48 standard. This was studied by means of extraction of samples test to evaluate the mechanical properties: tension, hardness, microhardness and bend; just as the metallographic exploration in the weld joints. With these results it was determinated the existence or not of different weld zones and regions, and it was possible to evaluate the influence on the weldability of this metal base.
Palabras clave: Weldability, Gray Cast Iron, Welding, Braze Welding, No mixed Fusion Zone, Mechanical properties.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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