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This study analyzed the emotional differences between women with different types of eating disorders (EDs). We analyzed the following variables: trait-anxiety, difficulty identifying and expressing emotions (alexithymia), negative perception of emotions, negative attitude towards emotional expression, influence of diet, weight and body shape on mood, need for control and coping strategies. The sample comprised 98 women with EDs: 17 with purgative bulimia nervosa (BN), 17 with non purgative BN, 22 with "nonspecific anorexia nervosa (AN)W and 42 with "nonspecific BN". The results revealed statistically significant differences between the different ED groups. Specifically, women suffering from "nonspecific AN" were found to have a more negative emotional profile than those with other types of ED. These results may help improve the way in which different EDs are dealt with and treated.

Palabras clave: Eating disorders, emotional variables, emotional differences, treatment.
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