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Bound magnetic polaron in p-type Cu2FeGeTe4
E. Quintero, M. Quintero, M. Morocoima, G.E. Delgado, L. Lara, J. Gomez, P. Bocarand;
Revista Mexicana de Física 2007 53(7)
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Bound magnetic polarones (BMPs) in p-type Cu2FeGeTe4 were investigated. Measurements of magnetic susceptibility χ as a function of temperature and of magnetization M as a function of applied magnetic field H at a number of fixed temperatures were made on polycrystalline samples of Cu2FeGeTe4. The magnetization and susceptibility results showed the presence of bound magnetic polarones (BMPs) in agreement with earlier studies made on this type of materials. The resulting 1/χ versus T curves seem to have a form closer to that of Neel ´ ferrimagnetism with TN about 162 K. The M versus H curves were well fitted by a Langevin-type of equation, and the variation of the fitting parameters was determined as a function of temperature. These showed that BMPs occur above ∼5K, and the total BMP magnetization fell almost linearly with increasing temperature, and effectively disappeared at about 100 K. The number of BMPs remained practically constant in the temperature range of 30 K < T < 100 K having a mean value of 1.92×1016/cm3 . The analysis gave a value of 172 µB for the average magnetic moment of a BMP, corresponding to ∼ 34 Fe atoms. Using a simple spherical model, one obtains 12 A as the radius of a BMP. ˚

Palabras clave: Magnetic semiconductor materials, bound magnetic polarons, antiferromagnetism.
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