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Canicas, lombrices, arcillas y cuentos en la construcción de un nuevo paradigma en la enseñanza de la Ciencia del Suelo

The formation of a different educational model to teach sciences in general, and Soil Science in particular, is proposed. The discussion centers on the necessity of including, within the basic educational curricula, study areas representing a priority for Mexico, that permit, through the comprehension of the phenomena that involve soil as production means, in equilibrium with nature, to generate food, build wealth and sustain development. The possibility of election, which we have as scientists, is presented: continuing with oral and repetitive teaching or the proposal of innovating Soil Science teaching, by uniting theory and practice; and making knowledge comprehensible at those educational levels in which children and youth are receptive, capture their interest and enthusiasm, and generate in them a love for scientific work: creating together a new paradigm in teaching soil science: a teaching project in which interpretation of human facts meets with the explanation of scientific facts while they both face each other dialectically to construct a child's learning.
Keywords: Science, edaphology teaching, educative quality, innovative projects.