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Determinantes de adherencia terapéutica y control metabólico en pacientes ambulatorios con Diabetes mellitus tipo 2

Considering type 2 Diabetes complexity, clinical characteristics and therapy adherence determinants were identified in an ambulatory diabetic population, through a descriptive transversal cohort that retrospectively analyzed its electronic file. A glycemia mean of 171.9 mg/dl was found, as well as the fact that 20% of the population was adherent to the hipoglycemic medications. Non-adherence was related to the use of more than 13 oral solid forms and obesity. Hyperglycemia was associated to the consumption of hipoglycemiants and the years of evolution of diabetes. The grade and determinants of metabolic control cannot be established due to insufficient information on the population records.
Palabras clave: Therapeutic adherence, metabolic control, diaellitus.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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