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Análisis fitoquímico preliminar del fruto de icaco (Chrysobalanus icaco L.): flavonoles y flavonas

Chrysolbalanus icaco is considered a species that has morphological differences. Analyses of the content of secondary metabolites in its fruit could be a useful tool for classification. Flavonols and flavones can serve chemical taxonomy to determine relationships of hybrids and to identify and register new cultivars. As a preliminary study, a series of phytochemical analyses were done using paper chromatography and UV/VIS spectrophotometry to obtain Rf and spectral values to identify flavonols and flavones of C. icaco fruit and contribute to further phytochemical studies. The preliminary results indicated the presence of quercitine 3-arabinoside and apigenin 7-O-glucoside.
Keywords: Chromatography, spectrophotometry, flavonoids, fruit.