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Apple fruit chemical thinning in chihuahua, México
David I. Berlanga Reyes, Alejandro Romo Chacón, Ángel R. Martínez Campos, Víctor M. Guerrero Prieto;
Revista Fitotecnia Mexicana 2008 31(3)
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Chemical fruit thinning is a common practice in apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) orchards for achieving high quality fruits, reduced costs of hand-thinning and promote return of flowering. Hand thinning is a common and high cost practice, not only due to the labor involved, but also because seedling and vigorous clonal rootstocks result in large trees. The chemical thinning agents: Ethephon (ETH), Carbaryl (CB), Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), 6-Benzyladenine (6-BA), and fish oil were evaluated on ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘RedChief Delicious’ apple trees in 2004 and 2005. Chemical thinning effect was compared with early and late hand-thinnings. Treatments were sprayed when the biggest fruit in the clusters was 10 mm in equatorial diameter. NAA showed the best effect in reducing final fruit set in both cultivars and years evaluated, with results comparable to those of early hand-thinning (thinned when king-fruit size was 10 mm) in ‘Golden Delicious’ trees. In ‘RedChief Delicious’, fruit set reduction by NAA, fish oil and CB treatments was similar to early hand-thinned trees only in 2005. In 2005, time spent during supplementary handthinning in ‘Golden Delicious’ trees was reduced by chemical thinning treatments, except by fish oil; whereas in ‘RedChief Delicious’ only NAA Ksalt reduced it in 2004. An increase in fruit equatorial diameter was observed only in 2004 with NAA and fish oil. Alternate bearing, typical of ‘Golden Delicious’, was not diminished by these chemical thinning treatments

Palabras clave: Malus x domestica, fruit set, carbaryl, ethephon, naphthalene acetic acid, 6-benzyladenine
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