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Soft-Computing Techniques in the Trajectory Planning of Multirobot Manipulators Systems (Part I)
Emmanuel Alejandro Merchán Cruz, Guillermo Urriolagoitia Calderón, Luis Héctor Hernández Gómez, Gabriel Villa y Rabasa, Luis Armando Flores Herrera, Juan Alejandro Flores Campos;
Científica 2005 9(4)
Inglés Español
This work is the first of a series of two articles on the application of soft-computing techniques for the trajectory planning of multi-robotic systems. In this first article the motion planning problem of robot manipulators and the particular case of Multi-movers are defined. A brief introduction of the basic elements of soft-computing is given, and the applicability of such elements for the trajectory planning problem of robot manipulators is discussed. Also, the artificial potential field method is presented for the modelling and characterization of obstacles and as a mean of driving a planner towards the desired goal. A genetic algorithm (GA) based path is presented to illustrate the applicability of such techniques for the path planning in a 2D space and a global path planner for planar robot manipulators is developed based on GA optimisation considering static obstacles.

Palabras clave: Trajectory planning, soft-computing, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, multiple-manipulators, robotics.
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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