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An Algorithm for Computing Design Parameters of IFIR Filters with Low Complexity
Javier Díaz-Carmona, Gordana Jovanovic-Dolecek, José A. Padilla-Medina;
Computación y Sistemas 2006 10(2)
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This paper describes an algorithm for computing design parameters of Interpolated FIR (IFIR) digital filters with a low complexity (small number of products per output sample). The interpolation function is performed by a sharpened cascaded Recursive-Running Sum (RRS) filter, where the sharpening technique is used to improve the RRS frequency domain characteristics. Given the desired filter specifications and a chosen sharpening polynomial, the proposed algorithm computes the maximum IFIR filter interpolation factor and the minimum number of stages of the RRS filter in such a way that the overall structure meets the desired specifications with the minimum complexity.

Palabras clave: Narrowband filtering, Digital filters, IFIR, Sharpening technique, RRS filter.
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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