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Heavy tailed network delay: an alpha-stable
David Muñoz-Rodríguez, Salvador Villarreal Reyes, Cesar Vargas Rosales, Marlenne Angulo Bernal, Deni Torres-Román, Luis Rizo Domínguez;
Computación y Sistemas 2006 10(1)
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Adequate quality of IP services demands low transmission delays. However, packets traveling in a network are sub-ject to a variety of delays that, in real-time applications, severely degrade the quality of service (QoS). This paper presents a general end-to-end delay model suitable for a multi-node path in the presence of heavy-tailed traffic. The proposed methodology is based on an alpha-stable random variable description. This allows us to define a network processing measure that relates the delay spread to the heavy tail characteristics of the traffic, the number of nodes in a route, and the processing speed at the nodes.

Palabras clave: Network delay, Jitter, Alpha stable traffic, QoS.
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